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Milco MFG, LLC
Milco MFG, LLC

Mobile Mini Golf Industrial Design

Milco MFG, LLC manufactures the best portable mini golf courses! The products we offer are industrial, durable and lightweight, and we create unique courses that can be easily assembled, moved, and stored away. Whether you are purchasing for your rental company, a family entertainment center, RV Park, or even a backyard, our golf courses are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Mobile Golf Courses Built to Last

The classic is where it all started back in 1994!  This portable classic course consists of 15 pieces that make 9 holes (4 L-Holes, 2 T-Holes, and 3 Single Holes).  Includes Flags, Putters, Balls, Scorecards, and Pencils.  Carts and premium obstacles are optional.

The best stream-lined portable mini golf out there!  The Express Course consists of 9 unique rectangular pieces.  Each section is 8' long by 2' wide.  Includes Flags, Putters, Balls, Scorecards, and Pencils.  Cart and premium obstacles optional.  (Non-LED)

The LED Express Course takes the amazingly portable Express Course and adds the beauty and simplicity of LEDs!  This LED Mini Golf Course contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can last up to 25 hours!  Includes Flags, Putters, Balls, Scorecards, and Pencils.

Milco Mfg, LLC. uses the same durable aluminum mini golf course and designs it for indoor use as a black light glow golf! By applying glow carpet and glow vinyl, the course comes to life under the black lights! This is an excellent lower cost alternative to the expensive glow golf courses out there. Can be ordered in the classic or express!

Add premium, powder-coated obstacles to make the course more challenging and give it some extra pizazz!  The powder coated obstacles reached made of sturdy, industrial aluminum with a durable powder coat finish.  We offer various items such as barns, bridges, loops, ramp jumps, tire dodgers, triple tunnels, wedges, a wall of chains, and even windmills!

You can choose from various 6 and 9 Hole Portable Mini Golf Courses with prices starting at $6,495. These will include specific items, equipment, and premium powder-coated obstacles.

industrial but simple!

Our industrial portable golf is easy to setup, weather durable, light weight, easy to clean, requires no electricity, and has been made since 1994!  


We’ve sold them to rental companies, resorts, RV parks, colleges, family entertainment centers, trade show promotional companies, for use both indoors and outdoors.  We’ve even sold courses to the U.S. Military.  


We’ve shipped to all over the world including countries such as Israel, Australia, Germany, Norway, Indonesia, and Canada.

Milco MFG, LLC

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