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Milco MFG, LLC


Milco, Inc., a family owned corporation, was founded in 1992. Since 1992, Milco’s rental division, Acme Partyworks has been renting out party rental equipment, booking entertainers, Yard Greetings®.

In 2003, Milco, Inc. created a division, Yard Arts, Inc., to manufacture and sell Yard Greetings to individuals looking to open a new business, as well as rental companies around the world. In addition, its owners have been managing and operating businesses, related and unrelated to the party rental industry, collectively for over 60 years!

Starting in 2006, Milco, Inc. took over the manufacturing, sales, and service of an aluminum portable mini golf that had been made since 1994. We feel it is the best, most durable mobile miniature golf out there.

By 2016, Milco MFG, LLC. was formed to stand as an individual company apart from the rental company.  Under the new name, Milco MFG, LLC. introduced a streamlined portable mini golf - The Express. A smaller course that fits onto one cart!

In 2017, Milco MFG, LLC introduced the first Portable Aluminum LED Mini Golf Course. With lithium ion batteries installed under each hole, the LED courses can run up to 20 hours!

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