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Portable Mini Golf Advantages

Milco MFG, LLC offers the best portable mini golf courses. The products we offer are durable and lightweight, and we create unique courses that can be easily assembled, moved, and stored away. Whether you will play in your backyard or in an event space, our golf courses are made of lightweight aluminum perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Check below for the advantages of owning a portable, aluminum mini golf course from Milco!

Mobile Golf Courses Built to Last

Milco MFG, LLC


Walk on the course or even on the edges!  Our portable mini golf courses have a tried and true reputation of durability since 1994!  From the U.S. Military and rental companies, to 5 star resorts and RV Parks, your mind can be put at ease knowing your mobile mini golf course will last!

Milco MFG, LLC


We manufacture our courses to last through any type of environment!  Our courses start with lightweight but durable aluminum.  Pair it with some of the best carpet out there and you have a portable mini golf course that can withstand the harsh elements of the weather. (Shown at Ice Sculpture festival in Michigan)

Milco MFG, LLC

Aluminum Construction

There is nothing better for a portable mini golf course than to make it from aluminum.  The aluminum allows the structure to be very strong but also lightweight!  This makes the course easy to move and quick to setup!  Aluminum ages very nicely compared to wood.  It won't chip, need to be stained, or painted.

Milco MFG, LLC

transports easily

Not only are the modules lightweight, but with the optional cart, the portable mini golf stores and transports easily!  The holes simply slide onto the custom made cart in its own slot.  With the large 10" pneumatic tires, moving the golf up ramps, onto lift gates, and across grass is a simple process.

Milco MFG, LLC


With our current pandemic, finding something fun to do while supporting the social distance guidelines is a challenge.  Mini Golf has been a great for this situation.  Our mini golf sections can be spread out as far as you want and there is virtually no repeated touching of surfaces.  Groups can be individual or within household groups too.

Milco MFG, LLC

sets up quickly

Our portable mini golf course sets up easily and quickly.  Each hole section weighs approximately 45lbs!  Simply slide each of the 9 holes off the cart, place on the ground, put the flags and obstacles in place and you are done!

Milco MFG, LLC

Built in obstacles

All of the golf hole modules include built in obstacles.  But to really jazz it up, we also offer a number number of durable powder-coated obstacles made of aluminum.  

Milco MFG, LLC

great for kids or adults

Mini golf is great for both kids and adults alike!  You'll appreciate the flexibility that mini golf can provide!

Milco MFG, LLC


Our mini golf is lightweight and easy to setup!  Each hole section weighs approximately 45 lbs and sets up in 10-20 minutes!


Add premium, powder-coated obstacles to make the course more challenging and give it some extra pizazz!  The powder coated obstacles are made of sturdy, industrial aluminum with a durable powder coat finish.  We offer various items such as barns, bridges, loops, ramp jumps, tire dodgers, triple tunnels, wedges, a wall of chains, and even windmills!

Fun for All

While we cater to commercial industries and organizations worldwide, such as rental companies, hotels, RV parks, and colleges, we also offer our products to individuals who want to have their own portable mini golf course.

Milco MFG, LLC

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